The Code


Head Up. Eyes forward. Heart open.

always look around.

listen not only to what people say, but how they say it.

never speak if you're unsure.

do not leap to answer: many know better than you do, and you
will only lose favor.

you don't need to remember all the facts, just where you
got them.

you don't need to remember all the mistakes, just what you
learned from them.

correct oversights and errors immediately upon discovery.

underestimation works to no one's advantage.Always over-prepare.

if you can't write it down, you had better remember it.

you can count on two things; change and bad results.

if you can't do something right, do something smart.
And vice versa.

pay attention, there's always someone watching.

consult history for answers, but decide for yourself —
they are dead.

God/Creation gave you water. That should suffice.

A penni saved is spent tomorrow.

Regardless of anyone or everyone else, no matter how the
world hates you, there is always a voice in your head
cheering you on.

It is better to be free than tied to any group, philosophy
or choice.

The heart is resilient— it has to be to survive being
stupid all the time.

The mind is fragile— sleep repairs it.

Noble and honorable action are defined by natural law,
not cheering crowds. Disregard nature and she'll
thump you on the head.

All evil-doers get their comeupence, without fail, every
time. Even if you don't see it happen, know that it will.

Any self-indulgent pleasure of any sort shows a weakness,
not a reward.

When in someone else's company, home, or church, show no
contempt, impatience or discomfort. Act above and beyond
expectations and with genteel temperament and grace.

Disappointment is worse than death; you live and function
but no one will allow you to live and function.

Generosity, Good Manners, and Gratefulness are all currency
which we mint ourselves; see to it you are never bankrupt.

Time is the one thing they can't make more of, can't trade,
or alter. A misspent day is an opportunity missed and gone.

Respect is always temporary— there are bandits in the wings.

Humiliation is a punishment created for the unwary and loud.

Even if you're right, speak too often and people will ignore

Friendship is the most temporary thing on the planet.

Trusting anyone is a hazard, trusting everyone is just dumb.

Innocent till proven guilty is a nice thought, but everyone's
guilty of something.

Try it, the worst that can happen is you get killed or lose a limb.

When the chips are down, count on the power to go out.

Procrastination is a sport of kings, if you're not a King,
don't do it; you'll just lose your ass.

If you want to rule the world, you shouldn't.

If you think you're ready, you're not.

If you're out of time, no use making a fuss about it.

The finish line is always farthest away when you're
in the final mile.

Give everything more time and care than you can afford;
doing so will ensure success.

If it's an unquestionable anything, question it.

If you don't know, google, if google doesn't know,
ask someone older than 60.

Read. No matter what. No matter what is on T.V.,
no matter what is outside. Literature is the only
hint we get.

If someone tells you a secret, forget it  immediately.

Facts are distorted all the time, believe what you see,
and what you choose to care about.

What matters first is how your heart feels and how your
mind thinks. Everything else is secondary, hunger is
simply an act of being un-spoiled.

Recycle. Conserve. Saving the planet is impossible, but
there's nothing wrong with living better.

Nature rewards the patient, resilient, and brave. Pretend
to be these things and She'll help you along.

A sense of humor is always necessary, if you don't have
one, learn to smile convincingly.

A fake laugh is worse than no laugh at all.

Any ailments, physical or mental, are excusable
in the event that you work that day.

Tell the truth as much as possible, being honest
is having a key to every door.

Keep things to yourself, and if you do, never
tell them to anyone, ever. The moment they learn
something is the moment you lose everything.

Trust your judgement, trust the voice whispering "NO."
If you listen to others, they'll walk you into the lions den,
on purpose or not.

There are no secrets to success, it is a temporary thing.

Despite how bad things are now, they will always get worse.
Despite that, things will, on a long enough time line, get
infinitely better.

If you're having a bad day, don't admit it. If you do, the
people around you will make sure to do the same thing tomorrow.

The simple pleasures like hot cocoa and cookies are best
enjoyed in scarce times and very few times a year.

The magic of myth is charming, but Santa Claus and all his
capitalist buddies are still robbing you blind.

Believe in love, some will say it's foolish to do so,
but there are so few things to believe in.

There is good in all men, but evil oft outweighs,
outflanks, and outmaneuvers it.

Money is the method to achieve goals, nothing more.

Defend the weak, even if they deserve what's coming to them.

Materialism is silly at best, but the simple fact is, if
it makes you happy, acquire it...just make sure you stay happy.

No one can be 100% all of the time, but if you try at it,
you get damn close.

If you happen to have the required double-basic-load of guts,
take action. Fortune favors the bold.

Fortune and Glory aren't all they're cracked up to be.

It's better to be rich and forgotten, than remembered and famous.

Walk, even if you have nowhere to go, keep going. Just pick a
direction. There's something worthwhile along your way.

If you don't know what to do, don't do nothing. Do something
until you figure it out. In fact, do everything.


When the world ends, no one will be watching.

If all else fails, don't care.

Patience and Time are strong allies, but they can be difficult
to deal with. Practice the first and you will win the second.

Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go;
they merely determine where you start.

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