We must never be wrong. We must never turn back, show sign of retreat or fear or doubt. That betrays that we think we are wrong. And we can never allow ourselves the luxury of being that which we detest.

We must protect that we are right.

Defend our plans and fight!

No turning from our maps or legions or supply lines,

no looking back to change a doubting mind.

We cannot be wrong, so insure for success.

Plan for the pitfalls, do not allow for egress.

We put our foot down and stand, this is our line to hold,

we cannot be wrong, we shall not grow old!

Fight! Gladiator of this Colosseum built upon our neural paths!

WE CANNOT BE WRONG! Hear the thunderous crowd as it claps!

Insurance against folly is to overprepare; to plan, to calculate, to commit and to care.

Head up, eyes forward, heart open; now, there!

Let righteousness lead us into the throng,

God help our foes, for we cannot be wrong.