Full of the mundane
a life of strange little pains
little cracks, creaks and groans,
a bit of a bitching with the moans,
frustration and fear and anxiety
not enough of a realistic reality.

Welcome to the New Year,
hope it’s better than the last,
throw away the old life
that mistake of recorded past.
Dodge the old tax men
duck, weave and run,
somewhere in twenty nineteen
find yourself some fun.

Full of the mundane,
a life of strange little pains,
fewer tears, fewer dreams,
fewer stars strung in the stream,
watching the news for your black’n’whites
can you love those lonely, quiet nights?

Welcome to the New Year,
is it better than the last?
Or just another reboot
with the same script and cast?
Just another year, quick to fly by,
Happy New Year, Old Year Goodbye.