Read back the Rust

Read it back, out loud to catch the errors
the dissertation of your life, all it’s peaks and terrors.
Read it back, loud and clear, don’t skim what you have written,
from every moment you’ve taken down, treat them as a beacon.
Read it back, believe each line, you can’t avoid the cringe,
the truth is there, and truth you’ll fear, but still, do not flinch.
The stories unbelievable, the honest past must be a lie!
But that’s the thing, these tales told don’t just fade and die.
These things really happened, and they happened to you,
and while fiction must be believable, real life sounds untrue.
The chaos you collect, like baubles in a cave,
give you all your glitter, your character to save,
so read it back, sound out each word and feeling,
your stories one worth telling, your treasures worth the stealing.
Share it, say it, save it twice, because all memories have some dust,
but in the record of stories told, where there’s iron, there is rust.