Who’s That There?

The sand was white and the sea stretched beyond view
a marvel of natural wonder mixed with five feet eleven inches,
as seafoam and detritus of flotsam and kelp created a border
clearly denoting : here, this is where you will stop your pursuit.
A limitless destiny of sparkling depth and searing sky…
held behind a fenceline of waste and ripple.
Here, a jelly fish was stuck fast beside broken shells,
a hermit crab scampered to stay obscured from seabird
and curious child.
The sand was white, the sea stretched beyond view,
miraculous, flat horizon hiding the curves of wonder
behind a vail of snowy clouds and sunset mystery.
That is where I stood, counting footsteps I knew to be my own
stretching up and away from the shoreline, to safe, familiar home.

They say you never walk a path without someone beside you
be they a God or a saint or a ghost or some relative of the Fae…
I looked curiously upon my steps and saw how deep they struck
like the gravity of bare feet was stronger than a tidal force.
Ah, I carried my companion, always, raising them higher
to see beyond the flat towards the svelte curvaceous wonder of the world.
I held them up, and sunk my feet down… down… mired in determined gait
where the sand was white
and the sea stretched beyond view.