Run, little darling, but don’t make a sound,
we have to make our way to the subterranean town,
judgement has come, can you hear it raining down?
Shh, little baby, we’re nearly underground.
No, there’s no sunshine, no flowers that grow,
there’s no cattle to run or seeds to sow,
but there’s nowhere else we can possibly go,
so quick, quick, run— just follow in tow.
Hurry, little darling, I know you’re tired out
but can you hear the rear guards shout?
They’re in for another violent bout,
hurry along now, down this route.
It’s over, my dear one, the world is gone,
the laughter, the smiles, and every song…
they’ve faded, they’re over, who knows for how long?
we’re paying the price for every one.
So run, little darling, and be silent still,
where there’s a way you must find the will,
do not stumble, our enemies know how to kill,
come, though the heat you can surely feel.
There’s a shuddering sound up ahead and behind,
smoke feels the nose and alerts the weak mind,
screams start to sound from the depth of this mine,
little one, hurry, these are all the Reapers signs.
The masked ones are coming, with bullets and flame
they’re chasing us, calling us Rats by name—
quick, down this ladder, keep going alone—
run on my darling, run till you’re home.