There’s a secret that you should know
one to help you when you need to go, go go.
To wake up in the morning, put your feet on the floor,
they’ll move on their own, and get you to the door.
To start on a task that you don’t feel ┬álike doing
don’t wait to feel motivated, because you’ll just end up losing.
Motivation comes from action, which creates inspiration,
so just go and do 2 minutes of your tasks preparation.
You’ll find motivation comes after you start trying,
and if you want to be better, it’s the doing that gets you flying.

Now here’s a bit, just so you know, that opens many doors:
charm and smarts will get you close, but good manners gets you in.
People are for the most part good, but self-centered, more and more,
but its the belief that good men still are around that can help you win.
Money and Power are tools, but they aren’t worth their weight,
and the right man in the wrong place can completely change the game.

You’re the right man, and if you’re in some place
scary, unknown, and you want to get somewhere safe,
you’re probably the hero supposed to draw the line
and challenge the rest that what’s yours you’ll find.

There’s a secret you should know, and it’s hard to hear,
but no one grows up on Earth any more, we’re kids measured by years.
But even gray hairs can’t make fart jokes less funny,
and even deep scars can’t make the sun less sunny,
so when you wake up in the morning, just put your feet on the floor,
they’ll get your moving, no matter how sore.