A Map to A World Away

converted PNM file

Deep within the woodland thick

where the moss is green and the air can stick

where the ghosts of mists coil a branch

and the musky scent can make you blanche

there lies a path, long overgrown

that can lead you to a Fairies home.

Don’t tread the toadstools, don’t breathe too loud

and look for the Sidhe of her fairy home ground

and when you find her bark and fur door

knock once, only once, and no more.

If she’s home, (which she often is)

she’ll bring a fairy brew with frothing fizz

and, though spiders in her hair

and their webbing that she’ll wear

and her narrow eyes, whiteless and dim

and her twisted, almost garish grin;

she’s a kindly little sprite

a guardian of the mystic night

within the forest, so old and deep

all its magic long asleep.

So drink her beer, and hold discourse

and if she likes you (she will, of course)

she’ll ask of you what you want and wish

that’s when you can answer her “Seranish.”

Now, she’ll not have power to take you there

but she’ll know the who and where

and she’ll point you on past forest loam

towards the city hidden under moonlight dome

concealed by magic and mystical things

where the bell of Wishing rings.

So follow her direction, and she’ll help you along

to find the Enchantress in Old Avalon.

And if I say more, I fear that fairy so old

will make a trip here, and it’s me she’ll scold

for if I interfere more than I should

she’ll abandon her fairy wood

and turn me into toad, or mushroom or moss,

like so many in her wood that happened to be lost.

So from here, my friend, you’re on your own,

so seek out that woodland home.