Sound Advision

Try a bit of darkness, taste test a bit of vice,
walk amidst the moonlight, sleep amongst the lice,
talk alone at midnight, sing a song at dawn,
a bad day is the same length as a good one is long.

Take a step down the bad paths, then turn and take a right,
lookout for the ones there that won’t ever be all right.
Give up on dreaming that all can be at peace,
don’t try being satisfied when you get too small a piece,
it’s okay to cry alone, it’s okay to frown and sigh,
don’t pretend that you’re okay when you really want to die.

There’s no need for airs, no need for masks or plays,
don’t waste your time on us, we don’t know what to say,
everyone’s a jackass, dressed up like thoroughbreds—
so don’t compare our highlights to the bloopers in your head,
we’re all just fuckups anyway, just passing the time with tries,
but when you’re ready to give up, let the give ups pass on by.

It may not be all right, some day, and it may never be okay,
but suck it up and stick it out, and you might just find a way.
Being a quitter is easy, it’s keeping on going thats hard,
and being insane’s recommended, if you’ve a want to fold your cards.