Neural Blisters

As long as you cope the same as everyone else, with alcohol, cigarettes and bad spending habits, we don’t have to talk about mental illness or depression. Just cope like everyone else and then there’s no problem, just a societal habit.


A blister burns when I dream
a presence that foretells a nightmare
but there is no dark, no shadow looms
no spooky things, no gloom and dooms
my nightmares are working retail
folding the same shirts over and over again
or opening a sandwich shop
and opening the freezer to find only lettuce
silly inconvenient things, lit up by sunshine,
like a spotlight from heaven, to highlight an error I’ve made.
Constant, unending errors, piling up and wearing in
blisters in the soul now paper-thin…
it’s starting to show, some of the closest can see,
it’s happening again
someone help me.