Going Back on Gratitude

Today’s the first day of your diet
the first day of no peace, no quiet,
watch the scale, count the carbs
ignore your batwing-flabby arms,
but I wonder…did you value yesterday?
The day when you gave it all away?
No more, you said, I want to change,
but don’t you think it sad and strange?
The last soda, candy, cake?
Did you pause, a moment take?
To say ‘this gave me joy, my palate peace’
as you ate that final piece?
If not, it may be a bit of a waste,
because that was your final taste…
and now that you’re thinking that
are you going to go back?
Smoke another pack.
Have another secret snack.
Take another depression nap.
Drink another of whatevers on tap?
Here, stop that, it’ll be all right,
come on, let’s go, no need to fight.
You want something? Go get it.
But value it, too.
The first part of change starts first with changing you.
Be grateful, for both the water and the wine,
life is just living, the sinful and the divine.
You can go Back…back…back… as many times as it takes.
We all are silly, we all make the same mistakes.
It’s going to be fine,
we won’t leave you behind,
today’s the first day of your ___________.
Another day of moving. Forward or back…back…back…



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