The Dream is Ending


The dream is ending, little frays at the edges
the crumbling of castle walls
the howling of real-world winds blustering
the dream… is ending.
I can hear the echo
“Wake up, wake up.”
I can see the glow
the sun is coming up…
and the harder I cling
to this wonderous dream
the further it slips
the more it rips.
The dream is ending, like the fade of a song,
and though you hum it or sing along,
the music is listing like a boat on the sea
floating, drifting, away from me.
The friendships you make, the people you meet,
the hugs that you take with you when you suffer defeat,
they all come and go, all just rain on the breeze…
giving way to the depths of the winters freeze.
The dream of our crossing, of our laughter and time,
I can hold like a letter, fading, but mine…
and I’ll read it over, and then over, again…
memories cherished and fast lost, like them…
I’m awake now, it happened, the dreams all but gone…
and it seemed so very


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