No one waits forever, times a limit, and it’s true
never shirk the generous who give their time to you.
Never waste their kindness, nor ignore their thoughts
listen, laugh and smile, and give them all you’ve got.
Don’t give gifts to get them, don’t say things you don’t mean,
don’t beat around the bush if you actually need something.
Tell them that you love them, that you’ll miss them when they’re gone,
write them in your stories, sing them in your songs.
Remember the sound of their laugh, their eye color when they had tears,
pay attention to what they tell you about their deepest fears.
It’s easy to push people back, to hold away all the hurt,
to say that you hate people, to say socializing is work.
Of course it’s hard, are you crazy? But things worth doing are,
and if you keep watching closely, your friends won’t be far.
Use the tools of nature, your tongue, your ears, your touch,
your voice can reach through the darkness, and even though it isn’t much,
it’s made my life better, when all of life seemed dim…
and more than anything I wish he’d waited… cause I was waiting for him.

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