Don’t. Get. Dead.


It is a luxury to be missed.

Friends aren’t easily come by, don’t be influenced by the “Send Friend Request” ease of this day and age. It’s hard to find people who legitimately care; who would legitimately miss you, who would want to follow you.

I don’t think that anyone consciously takes others for granted, but perhaps we consciously turn off our feelings to avoid the pain of knowing how much we hurt others, whether through action…or inaction.

It is not that I would encourage you not to leave, but I would encourage you not to abandon those who care enough about you to share themselves with you.

I am one of the coldest, bitterest people you may ever meet, and for your sake, I hope that I am the only one of my kind you encounter. There are others though, the soft ones, the ones who have their feelings still exposed, that still are able to trust, that deserve the best. That innocence is hard to come by. Don’t dismiss it. even if you make it slow, even if it’s not the quick rip of a bandaid, even if you try and just gently drift away, it will always hurt someone.

You are saying goodbye to people. People whose circuits and senses have grown accustomed to your presence. People who will remember, and then, after enough time, forget you.

These days are precious. It’s not like High School, it’s not just summer break.

These are days you don’t get back. Every second they have spent with you, are incredibly valuable moments that are now gone like coins in the claw machine.

I hope they won something with that investment. I hope you did. Because it is a luxury to be able to say goodbye to good people who knew you, cared and listened, and miss you.

Don’t get dead out there. Funerals are expensive.

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