When We Met


When I first met you, I was just browsing the web for something to kill time. Back then, I was addicted to watching Day[9] streaming Funday Monday’s and playing Starcraft II.
It was before I had become sick.
Day[9] wasn’t streaming that night, and I found out Minecrafter’s streamed on twitch.
And I found you building a deep underground mine and listening to the Indiana Jones Theme Song.
And I thought “this guy’s pretty cool.”

After that, I met so many people, started playing different games, started hanging out with an entirely different and new e-crowd. Split up across the globe from Sweden to California. It was insane, but I never had connected so well with a bunch of doofy people before.

I realized today, listening to Indiana Jones Raider’s Theme how much that song had changed my life for the better. Despite how insane I went with being ill, with the drugs and drama and stupidity…
You were are one of the greatest things to have happened in my life. You changed the game up, introduced me in a way to everything I now love. We can’t go back to that era where there’d be 20 of us chattering non stop in Raidcall until 2 a.m. but I think about it.
I think about how I smile now thanks to you.
I think about how I wish I could have met you in real life, just once, just to be awkward and doofy and blow it when it came to the hug or handshake for hello.
I think about it a lot.
I think about all of you a lot.
How much I owe to you for just being yourselves, for just being there, for just saying hi. And how grateful I am that a chance meeting occured after I heard you playing the music of John Williams one late night.
It really has given me everything that I have today. I can’t ever repay that; it’s so invaluable, being your friend, having known you, even when things were difficult for all of us. I miss those days, but I’m so glad you still play Indian Jones when you stream.

I hope one day to meet you. Even for 10 minutes. Just to hug you and mean it. Just to show you how you taught me to smile.

Thank you.


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