Jumbled Fray

In the wild wooly swamps of the Rising Sun
Japan builds powerful ideas up, up, ’till done.
And in that majestic imperial yesterpolitic,
there is a varying bit of idea under golfing rhetoric:
Shotgun Golf.
You see, you take your 9-iron out on the linoleum green,
and as one pitches toward the green,
the other fires the ball off course like a clay pigeon.
Golf in America should have caught it first,
but ’tis the growing, not the shrinking that wins,
Flags every 150, every 200, every 250 yards away,
bringing a whole new meaning to Driving Ranges,
a whole new wardrobe, with shooting glasses,
for no craze can grow like it grows in Japan.

-Discovered in the file vaults of Dad, care of Bill Murray & Hunter S. Thompson.


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