Women Belong in the Kitchen

Women belong in the Kitchen
in the House, doing Laundry, it’s true,
because if you’ve ever worked with women
you’ll know it’s hell for you;
there’s nothing worse than hens
chattering, and pecking away
so keep them in their homely dens
nicely tucked away.
Women bring hell to the workplace
though their skills are just as good
it’s their emotional eruptivity
that cannot be withstood;
emotional and erratic,
and not just once per month,
as a woman I can tell you,
we belong in the kitchen,
tucked away and kept in peace,
not because we’re weaker,
but ’cause our habits cannot cease;
we’re women, we’re all born crazy,
it’s not a myth, it’s true!
So keep us in the kitchen,
to keep us good to you.


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