Remember When

In 91 we were at war,
the stage was different,
the enemies, the same—
that was the year of Desert Storm
and Dances with Wolves
of cyclones in Bangladesh
and Lithuania’s hardwon independence.
That was the year Mandela was freed
and Germany unified, and the Soviets collapsed.
That was the year Freddie Mercury Died.

In 92, “I didn’t inhale.”
Super Soakers and Trolls and Aladdin—
the last show with Johnny Carson,
All 4 Love, Black or White, I’m Too Sexy—
and I will always love you.

In 93 the truth was out there,
and everyone learned ‘got milk?’
Magic: The Gathering became ‘the thing’
but not before the Beanie Babies.
Jurassic Park debuted, and awed,
Schindler’s List left it’s theme in our head.
Remember Seinfeld? Or the words to
A whole new world?

In 94, Kerrigan and Harding had it out—
Lorena Bobbit cut off the precious bits,
and LA rocked on its heels,
6.6 on the Richter Scale.
The Next Generation came to an end and
O.J. Simpson murdered his wife
and Jackie Kennedy passed.

In 95, I thought Denim was cool,
gas was a buck-o-nine and a dozen eggs—
eighty seven cents.
But Oklahoma City had a truck bomb,
and the US set up sanctions on Iran,
Japan had an earthquake (6,000+ die)
and a heatwave hits the Midwest, killing 3000
and 750 in Chicago alone.
The Unibombers manifest comes out.

In 96 there was mad cow disease,
and plenty of world unrest—
but we had Braveheart, and Seal
with his “Kiss from a Rose”
and the vaporization of telecomm—
Bell. US West. Splits across the board.
Tupac dies. “Is that your friend in the woodchipper?”

In 97, I still thought denim was cool.
Hong Kong went back to the Chinese.
Timothy McVeigh was sentenced.
The New York Trade Center bombers are convicted.
The Titanic crushes the crowds
Ellen DeGeneres is gay.
Harry Potter. Mother Theresa dies.

In 98, I ate donuts and snickers for lunch
for a year, with a 2 liter coke per day.
I didn’t have to pay in Euro’s. But others did.
Clinton and Lewinsky make ‘head’ lines.
Denver beats Green Bay. Clinton’s impeached.
Sinatra Dies. “My Heart Will Go On” is stuck in my head forever.


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