One Moment

There’s only so much we can take
for God’s sake, give us a break!
There’s some sort of obsession
we have with depression
that’s making us shiver and shake.

We’re not all there, nor ever were,
never been brave nor a sniveling cur,
we’ve remembered and seen,
so many places we’ve been,
that we know misery through tour.

But every now and again, we say
give us just one quiet day,
where we can stay home
and lay all alone,
and sleep all the nightmares away.

Give us a break from the futile forever
from all the maybe’s and all of the nevers,
we’re just not strong like you have become
we aren’t as talented, but don’t think us dumb,
we’re just tired, just sored up and aching,
just give us the break we haven’t been taking.

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