The Last Lament

I’ve been a dazzling failure

wrapped up in ego and farce

I’ve known lies to be my jailor

and daydreams to be my stars.

I’ve rinsed away regrets

only to fish them out the drain

I’ve taken pills and yet

I can still feel the pain.

I’m living without moving

as stagnant as the sky-

while all the worlds spinning

it seems to pass me by.

I’ve lived a month too many

and breathed with desperate greed

and while each breaths been plenty

it seems it’s never all I need.

I need some arms to hold me

some eyes to laugh with lines

I want someone to see

past all these sorrowful times.

I’ve carried sins with memories,

like jewelry, fastened on,

and with each of those stories,

comes another stagnant dawn:

all would have’s, could of’s, maybe’s,

all chances lost in time

all excuses and “I’m Crazy’s”

that could have made you mine.

But now there’s just the inkwell

and the love notes on the page,

and with a tolling knell

you can hear them play.

I hope the song can reach you,

I hope my tears can make it rain,

cause you were one of the few

that could treat away my pain.

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