Unrequited Hope

I have seen the wicked world

with wonder and delight;

a lasso of dreams hurled

into the deep of night.

I have set the firestorms

that long consumed the dawn

of all the hopes shattered, torn,

there is one that has not gone.

Hitched within the honda

of my lariat spun of fantasy,

I hoped to trap the moon within a

jar to give to thee.

But as I toil, tie off and pull

and sweat the nights away

my mind shouts that I’m a fool,

but my heart says “That’s okay.”

And so I’ve caught the moon for you

above the fires bright,

and of all the things that can be true

I can share this one white light.

As I have seen the wicked world,

worn and draped in ashes thick

I have caught this orb, a pearl,

so hasten to me, quick.

Together with our strength combined,

with rope and hands and hearts

we can reel this Cosmic line

and make a brand new start.



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