Night Terrors

They call it a terror, looming and black

and once it has caught you, there’s no going back.

The shadow of evil can sit on your chest

reach through your eyes to take the heart from your breast.

They say it’s a nightmare, they say it’s not real

they say that the mind makes up the things that you feel,

they say that the scream that comes out as a yawn

is nothing as these things are driven away at dawn.

But I’ve traveled circles in the dark, in the deep,

I’ve piloted the tides round those deadly Capes of Sleep.

I’ve stolen from the Sandman, and skipped in the dark,

I’ve listened to the ravens song and seen the devils mark.

And I tell you, from the depths plunged, have I come

to once again indulge in the glorious, rising sun—

and though it drives the fiends away

with each blinding, brilliant ray,

it, too, is caught at the end of the day

and drug down, beyond the horizon, to fade.

And those hands reach out from the blackness

with the cunning of lost friends,

they reach out just to grab us

and say “this is how the world ends.”

These terrors of the nighttime, captured up in dreams,

well, that which is imagined can be all that it seems.

2 thoughts on “Night Terrors

  1. Very well done… I read your wonderful posts all the time but am remiss in commenting more often… Let’s hope there’s a friend out there with lots of resources that will come up with a big check… I contributed as much as I could afford and I wish it was a great deal more but I never worked for anyone and my wife quit working when we got married 58 years ago so the monthly Social Security deposit is not very large… Thank you for your very kind words and blessings upon you and yours… As they say phonetically in Greek “Yia Sou Agape”… ( To Your Health My Love )…….

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