The Greatest Game

Is this it? Is it all true?

Has my life become a game

of “Guess Who?”

The media’s got its hands over my eyes

the governments running round

stealing my words, my thoughts, my calls—

is it true? Do we not have a military?

Do we really not need one?

But there are explosions—

well, yeah, I guess they’re happening to someone else, but—

shouldn’t we be ready just in case?

In case of tornadoes or hurricanes or oil spills?

Shouldn’t we be armed when someone comes in

who means us and ours harm?

Do you trust the police? They’re good folks, but human—

Guess Who? Oh— there’s a war going on?

We need to stand by the crooks wrapped up in the flag?

Tell me more, tell me more—

censor my speeches, but yellow journalism’s fine,

have some cheese in Hollywood, listen to the poor men whine—

all rich folks are equal, that’s what they say

so let’s take all of ’em and throw ’em away—

but if everything’s gone crazy

if all of this is true

what happens when the bad guys

are saying guess who?

What happens when the barrel

is pointed business-end toward you?

What happens when the cellphone

nestled up to your ear

is just another tool to instill

paranoia and fear?

What happens when dependence

and arrogant apathy—

trump the commitments

to gentle responsibility?

What are you doing? Sitting on your hands?

Writing poems to no one, but imaginary fans?

Is this it? Is it all true?

Cover up my eyes, let’s play

Guess Who?


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