They tell me that I’m crazy
that my mind is not my own
and while my thoughts are hazy
I still can miss my home.
Within the walls of white tile
and halls that stink of fear
my throat is filled with bile
as they say I belong here.
They say that I am mad
that all I know is wrong
and they say that they are glad
that my stay will be so long.
But I remember that I must go
for my home is far away
and of all the things I know
this is not a place to stay.
So tonight, when the darkness comes
I’ll be ready and unafraid
as I do what must be done,
and concealed within the shade
which the moonlight will try to taint
I’ll find a path or have one made
to follow by memories faint.
And when I’m out, for I will be so
off I’ll run (how quickly I’ll go)
for I have but one single wish
to find a way home to Seranish.


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