Dear God

Great and all seeing, all knowing, forgiving
understanding in times when reason flees;
please, let me never feel that profound loss
or suffer that perilous cost
of losing the one I love
without a goodbye
long and sweet and perfect
and so deliciously remembered
so clear in the mind
so that regret will find no place
to poison memory
to eat and corrode the heart
till it is worn with rust
that turns every strangled sob
into the strange melody of
broken windchimes
and whispered sorry’s
lost in the night.
Dear God, please
let me leave first
let me never lose
or have to say goobye
let me, please,
be first to die;
help me, God, for my strength is drained
with the very thought of such insufferable pain;
please, Angels, celestial and radiant be
please, Saints and Martyrs, do not suffer me
to see those fall whom I so adore
for the thought alone strikes me to the core;
oh beings, brilliant and unafraid
out beyond the veils shade;
take me first, I beg this one
and only request
for as I know
and do protest
to survive the death of loved ones gone
oh, dear God, let me not wonder long;
promise me, this one beautiful Grace
let me go first in leaving this place.

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