Lost Lost Lost

I lost it, I fear
it isn’t there, nor is it here
it’s fallen behind the desk
or been lost in the wash
and finding it’s a test
and a dive into loss.

I’ve lost it, it’s gone
and I don’t know for how long…
weeks ago, maybe
it was misplaced
and if so, God help me,
for it cannot be replaced!

It has to be here somewhere
in some drawer, some file
tucked inside a pillowcase
or underneath the bathroom tile.
It may have been swallowed up
by a drain, or blown away
one windy summer day,
but I’ve lost it, it’s nowhere to be found
somewhere along the way my soul
fell off on the ground,
and wherever it’s gone, be it far or near,
if you see it, tell it to get back here!

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