Dame Fortune

Wild and wicked with gazes alluring

the sherry gold in your eyes

steals breath, starts the heart whirling

and the lips utter a muted sigh.

Your skin the sweet transparency

of moonlight shed upon the sea

your hair the raven of caverns deep…

let me be the sand under your feet.

Let me be the breeze that blows in your hair

or the chill of the dew on your cheek

let me become the pure, sweet air

or the light in your eyes that you seek.

Maid of Luck, of Thrill and Chance

let us be enthralled in sinful romance

as I bow to you, may you yield to me

and grant me the gifts of life’s liberty.

Mistress of magic, of fortunes and games

come in your gowns of wishing and jewels

give me the secrets of riches and fame

linger amidst us, the handsomest fools.

2 thoughts on “Dame Fortune

  1. I love the way you successfully convey personifications in your poetry.Particularly in this poem the way you’ve personified Dame Fortune aka Lady Luck. How she seduces and makes herself alluring to all matter of humanity from the casinos of Vegas to the stock trading of Wall Street. Men (and women!) pursue her with a passion that is almost sexual.

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