Standing on a shoreline, late November eve

the wind in my hair, and sand on my sleeve

I watched the sun drink its fill of the deep

and tuck itself in for its nightly sleep

and while I waited for it yet to rise

I listened to the winds sweet sighs

and heard a voice carried on the breeze

a voice as cool and kind as those seas.

And she sang sad lullabies and lush love songs

some were mere limericks, some were long,

and through the nighttime, silent, I listened

the moonlight on the waves all pearly glisten,

and when dawn came in its pale hues

of shining pinks and brightening blues

a woman came across the sand

and reached out, and took my hand

and we left without a word, a song, a prayer

for whatever, whenever, no matter where

and that was the day when I bade goodbye

after a night of music, watching the sky.

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