a flash of light
outside my dreams
the sound of distant
desperate screams
the shudder of the window panes
the billowing curtains
with no breeze to wave
the crumbling drywall
the cracking floor
the shudder of wood
and a thunderous roar-
somewhere tonight
as this side of the world slept
the moon was broken
neatly cleft
somewhere else
the tide arose
somewhere further
the winter winds blow
the Earth’s in turmoil
in vacant despair
her companion and friend
has left her here
and in her shudders
in her sobs and screams
a flash of light
breaks through my dreams
to wake me to a life
soon to its end
leaving me to wait
hearing the trumpeting horns of fate
listening to the wind blow by
seeing the waves now touching the sky
thinking I see God’s Judgement Gate
hoping my prayers don’t come too late.

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