To the Mountains I say
give me a foundation
as strong as your stone
as supportive as your heights
as deep as the trees that cover you
as simple as the snow that blankets you.

To the River and Sea I speak
give me an open mind
to see and to seek like your waters
to find new paths when there are none
to carve the sharpest stone to smooth grace
to remain malleable and powerful always.

To the Sky and the Sun I call
give me eyes as clear as yours
and a smile twice as bright
cloud my logic from the power of lies
and keep me safe by your strengths.

To God I speak, and remember my place
for he is not my Friend or Family
but One who is to be respected as the best of both
and I ask of Him only one thing
that He stay by my side when my will fails me
that He keep me from becoming that which I loath
and protect myself and those I care for in all times.

But to my reflection I see my tears and my weakness
and I cannot find words to speak to her
to tell her that she should not be afraid of that which plagues her
to wish her well when I know ill is upon her
to assure her that all shall come to pass for the better
all I can do is reach out and lift her chin and speak
“Just a little bit longer…”

One thought on “Mantra

  1. This was written this day in 2007. At the time, I was afraid of losing my vision and of the eye doctors telling me the condition could be related to MS. Now, years later, diagnosed with that very, incurable, illness, I find a sense of irony and despair, as though I had foretold this fortune and failed to understand how dangerous and terrible the future could, and would eventually, become.  All the words of consolation, therapy, and well-wishing is like a match trying to re-light long-since-burnt ashes. I kept my vision. I lost time. Now, at once, I feel nothing, and also, the will to feel nothing. For the story to be over; unfinished, underwhelming, and easily forgettable. 

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