Shadow of Self

Past the first bloom of youth
yet still handsome, in truth
a model of class and pedigree.

Yet she stands with a slouch
and a frown twists her mouth
and her eyes tend to look, but not see.

Like Hansel and Gretel
she’s yet proven her mettle
following crumbs, just to flee.

And she’s known the ghouls
the monsters, witches, fools,
and all the worlds’ dark sorcery.

And she’s stood away
as the dog had his day
and cat mewed his decree.

Though she is as a dove
she holds no thought for love
and therefore cannot be a beauty.

Rather, she stands,
with nails dug in her hands,
fighting the Beast as it comes free.

Yes, she is a prize to behold,
but let the truth yet be told;
she is the monster within Me.

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