Charon’s Missing Passenger Laments

i never wanted to last this long

too long a rest in the middle of the swan song

too many beats, a note too much

the metronomes tick a heart-pressing crush;

i never wanted choices or decisions or forevers

i never wanted smiles, or sadness, or ‘never evers.’

i always thought of Springtimes, of Autumn and long goodbyes

i never wanted tear drops          falling from my eyes.


i never wanted breakups, or kisses in the rain

i never wanted perfect moments, followed with vicious pain

i never sought the answers for life and love and God

i never complained of rocks that littered the path I trod.

I never thought that life was ever unfair or unkind

i always took the time to casually speak my mind

i gave others the benefit of doubts and many more

i never closed a window, never locked a door.


i never wanted to breathe the air of a graveyard day

or smell the musty scent as someone goes away

i never wanted to compose goodbyes and prayers for those who’d gone

i never ever wanted          to ever        last this long.

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