The Sniff of a Critics Nose

Doubt is not a pleasant condition
but Certainty is absurd
while certain ideals may find fruition
other dreams may spoil and curd.

But do not squander your time
for that is the stuff life is made from
and do not try to find reason in rhyme
unless you’d descend into the depths of The Maelstrom.

And if you want wisdom to guide you on
and snippets of knowledge to digest—
come, my friend, and you may feast upon
a feast of foolery, caramels of experience and zest!

But look no further from this horrid prose
a whimsical figure is thus improperly posed
and though your judgement you would impose—
at these reminders I’d say: “Do not look down your nose.”

Every writers work can be digested and judged, but be careful you do not forget to pick through such delicacies for the bits and flavors of a persons experience, tastes, knowledge, and spirit.

3 thoughts on “The Sniff of a Critics Nose

  1. quite enjoyable, almost sets an allusion of sorts that those who truly wish to experience another”s work forever changes whether for better or worse.

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