Way back when in ’95
I lived in anticipation of being alive
wondering what adults knew then
curious where they’d gone and been.

Way back then in 2001
I watched as a new war was begun
and prayed in silence to become Superman
not just to destroy Iraq or Afghanistan.

Way away a decade back
I thought I knew how to act
but post-graduation was a time all its own
lost my foundation, abandoned my home.

Now-a-days in this mystic haze
of tweets and the medias 50 shades
shootings and stories go hand in hand
the smoke has settled into the sand.

Misinformation and opinion column
the grotesque mystic of the American Golem
the mad scientist screeching EUREKA in the dark
the evangelicals rebuilding Noah’s Ark
the falling floor of the old economy
the rise and growth of a new enemy
the forgotten histories and misinterpreted philosophy
the light-pollution blocked mysteries
the unmapped blackness of the Final Frontier
how, in this short time, did we end up Here?

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