For Dreamers Cognizant

To those restless sleepers of the Oubliette
to the heralds of woe for Romeo & Juliette
to those who tumble through the clouds
disguised in Avalon’s misty shroud
and those who wander aimlessly it seems
picking up fragments, shattered glass dreams
list to this rhythm, the flow and the feel
the mortal reminder within is too, too real.

Gaps in our souls demand to be filled
at cost of our joy, our sorrow, our will
but while we wile away the hours
like Rapunzel, singing in her tower,
the world below is passing us quick
hear times countdown, each annoying tick.
Do not fall in rapture with stories unreal
release hold on keyboard, on pointer, and wheel.

The stories they’re telling, the voices on screen
are no adventure, see the unseen!
The greatest miracles can occur when we fall
Icarus’ tale is a lesson for all.

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