Where has the story gone?
        an epic tale so very long
    nothing left but the shadow of doubt
        it left when I forgot what it was about.

                            Riyeon and Jaero and Maiyla and Kel
                                there faces familiar, the names ring a bell
                            Knights of an order that long has been lost
                                telling the story at what steep cost?
    Speak to me muses, musicians and stars;
        tell me of worlds that glitter like Mars
    tell me the tale as I dream in the night
        illustrate every illustrious fight.
                            Ilati and Millit, Nexia’s the key
                                why can’t I see—
                            Sumofiya’s a demon, a devil from Hell
                                each word on the page a ringing knell.
    My heart is breaking, wither and die
        the words won’t pour, no matter how hard I try
    I’m losing that self that long has been here
        I’m tumbling down a tower of fear.
                        God hear my prayers in the dark of the night
                            send me the guidance, the literary right
                        God, grant my single, most pressing, last wish
                            help me tell them all of sweet Seranish.

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