we’re supposed to be bathed in a sea of light
that’s what the weatherman calls for tonight.
The grass is green and the sky is blue
the bluest I’ve ever seen
and the birds are quiet
so I don’t buy it
how could this be the end?

They tell us the stories
they write us the songs
the worlds been ending
for ever so long.
But I don’t believe it
until I can see it
a flare in the sky
invisible radiation whispering “die.”

I’m fine with a flash
with a blink of an eye
but I can’t believe it
not until it’s here
no, I won’t believe it
so I will not fear.
Come Jesus, and give me your hands
sing me your heartbreak tales in sand
if the world is ending, let’s hear the roar
then the flash of silence, then no more.

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