i love you
can’t we not argue
don’t you see
exactly how much
you mean to me?
of course I’m scared
and worried
no matter what you say
insecurity grips me
when you’re off or away.

Not because of what you do
but for fear of what I’ve done
I’m so used to the pace
always under the gun;
and then I come home and see you
and the joy spins me like a top
a whirlwind of emotions
that are hard to get to stop.

And I know that it scares you
and sometimes
you just want me to go away
but the reason that I’m like this
is because I’ve been gone all day.

And you say that I’m depressed now
and know, it’s not because of you.
I am just so much more happy
the rest of me doesn’t know what to do.

And you say that I need help
that something must be wrong
but of things that could help
I fear there’s only just one;
if only there were two of you
(and I know, there’s simply not)
then perhaps all the love I have within
would finally be spread a little thin;
and maybe the hurricane
conjured by your gaze
perhaps it would calm itself,
reduced to a serene haze;
and in that moment of bliss
would all then be forgiven?
and we could stop all this
and simply be in love again.

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