once there was a light
that swore it was eternal
it couldn’t run out of fire
for the fuel that was within.

once there was a dream
that swore it’d never waken
what else was there
when it contained all there was to be.

once the sun was shining
and the rain came in November
and all was green and pretty
a world all my own.

Now surrounded by silk flowers
the CG effect starts to wane
you tell me I need therapy
you whisper behind my back, I’m insane.

And I hate you ’cause I love you
a madness indeed to be had
feel swallowed by the viper
left clutched in it’s gut, squeezed on all sides

And I love you ’cause I hate you
a whirlwind so damning
that to escape it would be a respite
much needed in my soul.

And I miss you ’cause of all the things
that I remember you used to say
I wish you could know me
and list out all the ways
that you miss me and hate me and love me
all at the same time…
but the more I think of it, the more I know
this fairytale ending
with my fairytale sky
and my fairytale dreams
are just another poisonous lie
told to keep me waiting
told to keep me breathing
told to stop my hand
from doing what it’s wanting.

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