A fortress for my heart.

you persist, sir
why can’t you resist, sir
breaking my heart;
such a fragile toy
my spirit, your will, annoys
break up the ice
my eyes would cry
you insist, sir
a trap well laid, sir
a game well played, sir
words of lovers passion
you speak them like last years fashion
empty promises, vacant lies
and despite all you might try
you persist, sir
you cannot resist, sir
my heart wears armor, steel strong
of lovers I’ve loved and now they’re gone
forged in the fiery nights of sadness
cooled in oily lakes I made
with tears I cried and dreams I’d trade
that fragile thing behind its iron walls
you put them up, they will not fall
though you persist, sir
I shall resist, sir
throw rocks at my soul
if that is your goal
no glass house here
an iron fortress, without fear.

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