On the Mountain Tops of Argentina

      stands a Castle of Ice

      and a little girl lives there alone

      sitting in a white fur dress

      on a strawberry-sherbert throne

      and they say she grants wishes

      to those who climb high

      where the teeth of the world

      bite into the sky

      and she is young eternal

      a beauty with a heart so warm

      they say it gives the southern sky light

      and she’s never done any one harm

      and if you climb to the highest peak

      and find a snowflake compass

      then guide you to her palace, it will

      and she’ll greet you with tea and candy

      more than enough for your fill

      and she’ll grant any wish that you tell to her

      from her sherbert throne, in her white fox fur.


3 thoughts on “

  1. Another good one, you turn that legend of xanadu into a feminine twist. I liked it again. You could benefit from creating more of the journey up to this mountain, and by suggesting the reader would never want to leave such a place.

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