There was once a land I visited
      for a moment, in what I thought might be a dream
      and I met a girl there, strong and lovely fair
      and I swore to to see as she would see
      For days and months turned years and lifetimes
      I walked that golden shore
      where the sky lit up like paper lights
      and clouds of gold and violet
      gave the stars above their clothes
      For years and months turned years to lifetimes
      she told me tales so sad and full of joy
      that I cry still, when thinking of her voice
      when listening to those histories
      full of life and it’s mysteries
      that to awake from those brilliant dawns
      to gasp, to shake, to feel, to yawn…
      I felt a soul torn from it’s form
      sent across spacetime, alone
      and I wonder now if she watches me
      if she is there, telling me to speak
       but alas, I cannot tell the stories she told
      for I do not have that voice, or the shore of gold
      I do not live beneath that sky
      I keep my silence. I sincerely cry.

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  1. I have read your poem 3 times and I like so many parts of this romantic but tragic poem. This poem really drew me into the emotion. I especially love the line, “that to awake from those brilliant dawns” (Absolutely Powerful) Thanks for sharing!

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