there is no greater threat
that your absence
no greater punishment
than your goodbye
there is no greater tease
than a kiss with a smile
an a service denile
to my please.

there is no greater sadness
than when you are leaving
no greater tremor
than my hearts silent grieving
for though I believe you will return
there is always that same stinging burn
that warns me to take care
and strengthen the muscles to bear
whatever fate is fair.

there is no greater sound
that your whisper
there is no greater kindness
than your laugh
there is no greater lover
and no greater foe
than the one that I’ve come to know.

You are the promise the sunrise holds
for me, that I’ll see you today
you are the heartache in so small an organ
that causes me trouble and sway.
You are the one thing I care for
more for than anything else
give me your orders
whatever they are
if you asked it
I’d purchase and homestead Mars
if only to live with you one more day
I love you. There is no more to say.

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