it’s all bad
100% sad
a thousand apologies
to those making fun of me
to the fates in the heavens above
who, for me, hold no love
to the God that has cast me out
to the devil dog throwing me about
to the enemies chewing at my neck
to the brutus’s stabbing at my back
to whatever end, to whoever’s left
I’m sorry for whatever blow so deft
please stop your torments
let my luck lay dormant
for some other time to blow
in a volcano-like pyroclastic flow
but I tire of the games you play
I tire of the nights I lay
awake and bored, yet terrified
wishing every day I’d died,
finding no respite in store
the wolf of legends at my door
blowing away my hopes and dreams
replacing them with night time screams
predicting the future in each puff
every day, the same, which is life’s bluff
and I, howling back, like some crazy loon
my voice cracking with a trembling tune
“Just strike me down, kill me quickly if you will
give me no more of these chills and thrills
send me packing, or erase my soul
have what you want of me, if that is your goal.”
And the howling stops, and the pendulum swings
and the fury of my anger, in my ears, ring
and each morning I’m cheated
and each day passes the same
this is the truth
of life’s stupid game.

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