though nearest to me
you reside far away
and the nighttime lingers
with star-painted fingers
clinging with the cold
in each sheet and blanket fold
calling out my name
in a voice familiar, strange
sounding like you’re there
to my heart, always near
warm hands caressing my shoulders curve
giving me goosebumps richly deserved
prayers unheard in the dark of eve
want you back, never leave
wishing but to hear your voice
whatever words, be your choice
but shadows sneak to take your place
pillow mimics poorly, your face
the phone is quiet
the darkness, long
my breath grows silent
my heart, reserves of strength to keep her strong
asking the secret wiles of the black
to bring you home, to give you back
calling out your name in scream
hoping that over miles the words ring
wanting for your presence, wanting all the time
yet lonely, still, I thank God that you’re mine.

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