what would you rather me
    to cry and beat my heart?
    give to me a baseball bat
    and to my bloody art
    and if you would say
    that this is not the way
    then send me whither you will
    to the gates of heaven
    or the rank pits of hell
    and if you quest me farther go
    then beyond the rounded universe
    past where God once came from
    and the matter of all inverse
    I shall travel till my atoms are worn
    till the particles of my blood rot away
    and then perhaps, they’ll return
    and you’ll breathe them in someday.

One thought on “

  1. “oh what love doth do to the human soul”…such deep emotion, filled with the angst of unfulfilled love…what an amazing piece, simply breathtaking. Brava!!!hugs,sage

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