You know in that movie ARMAGEDDON when Bruce Willis has to push the button before the 0-barrier in order to save the world from ending and he barely makes it in time?
    That’s been my day.
    I have been catching raining balls of fire, lightning bolts, and the general, natural furies of the pissed off hordes of America by the dump-truck loads today.
    Never before have I been forced to play DIPLOMAT for 24 straight fucking hours. I actually told a customer today to “Shut Up and Listen before you start screaming at me”
    Naturally they didn’t, instead they wanted to speak to my boss.
    “Dad, I’ve got a hot potatoe I need you to handle.” I said while this nutcase was still on the line.
    “Your dad?” she asked me
    “DadBoss actually. I’m second in command to the Emperor.” I told her.
    My day has been filled with those automated phone calls telling you to renew your car insurance or die horribly in a vat of toxic ooze…and really mad people.
    I’m wondering if I accidentally wore a sign, a Karma-tic sign, that said “I will put up with your shit, so bring it on.”

   Everyone has these kind of days, sure, that’s the customer service gig, and it’s what I’m good at. But I swear, I knew what was coming today last night and was at home trembling in fear for it… and now, I’m here, and I’ve realized something.

    The real world is like an upgraded version of High School. Everyone’s just as fucking stupid, no one can drive OR park, and you really do only have time for a junk-food lunch when you’re actually trying hard to succeed.
    So, ARMAGEDDON averted. Tune in again tomorrow for future adventures, confrontations, and the genuine Drama that is this fucking job.

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