while wandering through the depths of hell
where all has a blackened brimstone smell
where screams echo with a final knell

I chanced a talk with the caretaking devil
with his whips and sneers and evil chuckle
and there began a new source of travel

we spoke of things a thousand years old
of all the secrets kept and told
of all the gallant souls and all the sold

we walked the length of Lucifers lot
like wandering spirits afraid of being caught
until we reached a certain spot

and when I glanced up from that abyss
I saw all the things I had missed

for high above the darkest fire
above the pits of cruel desire

there spread the landscape of what was lost
painting the heavens with evils foul cost

and there in the brightness did I go blind
losing my soul, my heart, my mind

and now I lie in hells black depths forever more
forgotten in the darkness, beyond judgements door

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