Moonlit Writer

There is ink on the moon tonight
how can you tell?
you look where it’s darkest
and see the drip of the tip of a quill.

Someone’s trying to scribe in lunar dust
what they would write we don’t know…
but you can believe and decieve as you choose
or fashion a story of writer and prose.

A novel of dragons, kings and castles
that float over a flowering valley of shadow
where a brave young man is all that stands
twixt demon and heaven, upon moon colored sands.

A paperback version of tales of fancy
where damsels are proper and humbled
and women worth saving can save themselves
while their hair glitters like a moonchilde or elves.

But whatever you dream or scribble or see
the writer in the sky with his quill at ready
has his own reasons for trying so hard
to swirl his stories on the moon’s sacred sand.

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