What world speaks of cruelty
with disdain and false concern
that does not practice the same it forbids
and knows
from first hand experience
how best to trod onward
past the beggar on the street
past the fallen and downbeat
speaking of how “someone”
should do something
about all the wrongs of the world,
and when they turn to God
and find He’s not around
they’d prefer to keep their eyes on the ground
than see the misery around them
and perhaps
that which is more disturbing
as time is counted by the worlds turning
is how many are blind with perfect eyes
causing the cruelties left behind
for their children to stare at and ask them “Why?”
“Because” sayeth the parent, “some people were made
simply to be slaves,
whether indian, or hispanic, or chinese,
and you should thank God everyday
that you were not born one of these”

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