Losing heart these days with The Seranish Chronicles and my characters… I’ve been reading a book written by the Author Orson Scott Card (author of Ender’s Game, Speaker of the Dead, etc.) titled Characters and Viewpoint and find that my own books fall dreadfully short. The only characters you really care about are in the introduction and at the end of the intro, they die…
    Seems like a lost cause.
    I’m not sure if I should go back through book 1 and try to redevelop characters, trim the excess and elaborate the skinny, or if I should send the current copy of Book 1 in to an editor and see what he comes back with before going through all the trouble.
    I never thought writing Scifi Fantasy would be as difficult as its turning out to be.
    I’m 50+ pages in to Book 2, developing on a new character who, by definition, is fucking crazy. I like her, she reminds me of….me. But cooler (if that’s possible).
    Dunno really why I’m even posting this note. Writing always had the benefit of being able to set out a string of nonsense, sort through it with a high lighter, and correct it into something tangible and understandable.
    Sine Labore Nihil…
    Nothing without Work.


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  1. hia anna marie, writing sci-fi? ohhhh cool!
    I know what you are talking about and I feel your pain; listen girl I have been working on a novel for almost 1 1/2 years, (yes years) and I am still not happy with my protagonist; and I am just lately feeling pretty good about my antagonist. pitiful huh?
    I have had someone editing it for me so I seem to be getting to feel better about this giant effort. You know all writing is, is re-writing anyway, right? blah!!!
    Well, keep on plodding along, it will come. Sounds exciting. Sci-fi seems daunting to write so I give you lots of credit; mine is a murder mystery called Desert Bones. And it’s difficult enough.
    And I must say thank you so much for your lovely comments and your friendship. A treasure. Until next time. 
    Luv you,sage  

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