I chose not to exist
for myself and no other
I chose to let everything go
and walk beyond the fearful bounds
of where life meets nothing beyond.

I chose to live a life complete
never giving quarter
never claiming defeat
and destroyed and vanquished
I stood alone
like Custer on the battlefield
wishing he was home.

But now I’m beyond where the stars stop shining
past all the fearing, all the running, all the hiding
I chose to leave it all behind
to accomplish some greater state of mind
I chose to keep running
when the road ran out
and now I’ve passed the last stop for fearing.

I’m alone in the final frontier
where no one else has stepped
a virgin shoreline with a clear blue sea
waiting beyond the black curtain
sought out alone by me.

I chose to die the way I knew
would be the best and truest way to do
and you choose to mourn
when I would not
for I cannot see your tears
I cannot hear your cries
I do not fear for you now
a freedom that comes with how we die.

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